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Gerald and Angela Blackwell are the minds behind Tales of the Star Union. They also own a company called Blackwell Device Consulting which helps companies to market their medical devices in the United States.
They both write Star Union tales, with the primary writer varying according to who started the story.

Gerald has been a gamer and writer for most of his life, with the earliest ideas for Tales of the Star Union first germinating in the mid-1980s.
He was an employee with the US Food and Drug Administration before finally deciding to pursue the writer's life, and he is also a science writer for Blackwell Device Consulting.

Angela has also been a gamer for many years, and was a biomedical engineer with the FDA before going on to be a regulatory consultant.
She is also the science adviser for Tales of the Star Union.

It was after they got together in 1989 that the Star Union began to coalesce into a coherent science fiction setting.

They live in the Pacific Northwest, and they share their home with two rabbits named Galadriel and Domino, a turtle named Gutter, a tortoise named Clyde, and a bearded dragon named Princess Marmalade.

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