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The Avakhith

Line art by the Author


The Avakhith were the first extraterrestrial sapients encountered by humanity, following the launch of the first superluminal space probe Pathfinder I in 2132.

Relations between the two species were cordial until a Trogarai fleet transitioned into Martian space in 2144; the Avakhith had never mentioned that they had been at war with the Trogarai for more than a decade prior to first contact. Indeed, they had not even mentioned that the Trogarai existed. But any complaints humanity might wish to lodge would have to wait another twenty years.

In the wake of the Interstellar War the Avakhith were hard-pressed to regain Humanity's trust, but in time they succeeded, and together with the Trogarai, the Star Union flourished and grew.

Distinguishing Features

Avakhith are endothermic bipeds averaging 1.65 meters in height, with females being somewhat taller than males. Hair, eye and skin color ranges similarly to humans, though differences in Avakhith biochemistry give a violet tinge to their appearance. Avakhith hands sport three fingers and a thumb and Avakhith feet have four toes.
Avakhith have an extremely acute sense of smell, and forty percent of their interpersonal communication is conducted by pheromone emissions.

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