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Dana Riatti

Hi!  I'm Dana!
3D Art by the Author

Full Name: Dana Sophia Riatti

Date of Birth: December 10, 2345

Parents: Charles and Rebecca Riatti (formerly Rebecca Hamby)

Confidantes: Esther Locke (her nanny), George Allegretti (majordomo for the Riatti household), Mister Bear

Vital Statistics:
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Dana is 18 years old and has completed her first year of college at Tulane University, New Orleans, planet Earth.

She has lived there all her life, but is well-traveled thanks to her parents (her mother is a prosecuting attorney and
her father works in the legal department of an interplanetary corporation.), and she speaks fluent French and Italian.

She enjoys swimming, and has participated in dance and gymnastics since she was very young. Her favorite foods are
Cajun shrimp and chicory coffee, and during high school she would often bring her girlfriends home to lounge around
the pool and and gossip while George brought them snacks.

Up until now she has left Earth only once, traveling up the Ribbon to the LEO station as part of a senior class field trip.

When Dana goes to the ULE Academy she becomes a member of Epsilon Flight.

Pictures of Dana Riatti

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