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3D Art by the Author

Member of Epsilon Flight.

Full Name: Zree'Chrt (graphical representation of a rapidly rising whistle followed by a single beak click followed by a single brief chirp)

Date of Birth: October 14, 2351 (Terran reckoning)

Confidantes: Dana Riatti, Tama Vahl-Dur, Victoria Olafsdottir, Edelberto da Silva, Paškti ka Krašdu, Mason Dewitt ka Krašdu,
Samarajit Kammula (flight mates), Zašra ka Tzenna (flight leader)

Vital Statistics:
Height: 173cm
Weight: 45kg
Plumage: Predominantly Blue
Eyes: Black

Zree'Chrt is 12 years old and a second-year cadet at the ULE Academy based on the Stack in lunar orbit. He was born on the Kek homeworld,
Kek Prime (Terran designation).

He comprises the navigation component of Dana's ULE training unit, Team Epsilon-Three.

Pictures of Zree'Chrt

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