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Epsilon Flight

In their second year, Academy cadets are divided into 9-person units called flights, which are subdivided into 3-person teams.

Each such group is assigned a Flight Leader who serves as primary instructor, counselor and watchdog.

Commander Zašra ka Tzenna, Leader of Epsilon Flight
Line Art by Al Bigley
Colors by the Author

Team Espilon-1: Victoria Olafsdottir (team leader), Edelberto da Silva, Tama Vahl-Dur
Line Art by Chrissie Zullo
Colors by the Author

Team Espilon-2: Mason Dewitt ka Krašdu, Samarajit "Sam" Kammula, Paškti ka Krašdu (team leader)
Line Art by Steven Bennett
Colors by the Author

Team Espilon-3: Dana Riatti (team leader), Zree'Chrt, Margaret "Maggie" Fitzhugh
Color Illustration by Brian Shearer

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