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Dana Riatti's Picture Album

Hi!  I'm Dana!
3D Art by the Author

The Riatti Family.
3D Art by the Author

Say hello, Mister Bear!
3D Art by the Author

Line art by Chris Rubenstahl
Line art by Lain-Luscious

Dana, girl, you are just too, *too* hot!
Color Illustration by Pedro Figue

United Law Enforcement agent Dana Riatti reporting for duty!
Color Illustration by Darren Calvert

I make this uniform look *soooo* good!
Color Illustration by Leanne Hannah

Who says an action heroine can't be glamorous?
3D Art by the Author

Dana and her boyfriend, Frankie Tortelli.
Color Illustration by Kevin Karstens

Dana at Christmastime.
Line art by Kelly Yates

Training in free fall
Color illustration by Richard Sirois

She pushed off the deck with her toes, slowly twirling toward the overhead, stopping herself with outstretched arms.
Color Illustration by Hanna R.

Gyroc raised, she shined her minilight down the tunnel.
Color Illustration by Bryan Gibson

Dana relaxes by the pool, anime style!
Anime-style Color Illustration by Pia

Dana and her confidante, Mister Bear.
Anime-style Color Illustration by Amostar

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