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The Taur

Line art by the Author


In the years immediately following the Interstellar War, colonies and outposts on the frontier of charted space began to come under attack.

At first it was believed that the attacks were the work of rogue Trogarai elements, but the ships described by the survivors matched no known Trogarai design, and the attackers themselves all looked like a monster straight out of Greek mythology: a minotaur.

First contact was established when the Star Union frigate Kusanagi engaged a Taur raider at the New Kansas colony.

The raider had the frigate outgunned and was moving in for the kill when it was engaged by another raider bearing different markings.

The first raider quickly withdrew, and it was soon discovered that the Taur, as they came to be called, had no unified government structure; their society was balkanized, with many competing factions, called cartels, vying for power.

Since then, the Star Union has had no choice but to deal with each Taur cartel individually, trading with some while repelling attacks and raids from others.

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