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The 24th Century affords limitless opportunities for travel. Presented here are examples of the huge array of choices available for moving people and cargo rapidly
from place to place.

Aerospace Vehicles

Pictured below is a flitter, by far the most common method of air transport. Flitters are available in a wide array of sizes and types, from small, short-range, low-altitude
private vehicles to massive military transports and weapons platforms capable of reaching sub-orbit.

A ULE flitter on patrol over the port of New Orleans, Planet Earth.
Art by the Author, 3D model designed by the Author and created by David D'Champ

Ground Vehicles

Pictured below are examples of typical ground vehicles.

A hoverbike, a common sight on the streets of urban areas.
Art by the Author

A Mars-buggy, a familiar sight to inhabitants of the Red Planet. These vehicles take part in dangerous rallies across the desolate Martian surface.
Art by the Author

A Moonbug creeping across the lunar surface.
Art by the Author

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