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There are times when conflict is unavoidable, even in the 24th Century. Presented here are examples of some of the hardware available when fighting becomes necessary.

Projectile Weapons

Pictured below is a gyroc, the standard sidearm of United Law Enforcement (ULE) agents. It has a freely revolving cylinder which holds up to twelve rocket-propelled,
spin-stabilized projectiles. The word "gyroc" is derived from the phrase "Gyroscopic Rocket", in reference to the projectiles.

A wide variety of gyroc ammunition is available, but the most commonly used types are solid rounds, high-explosive rounds, and stinger rounds, low-velocity projectiles
which deliver a potent electric shock upon impact.

Art by the Author

Laser Weapons

Pictured below is a Navy-issue 40-millimeter hand laser, the standard sidearm of Star Union Navy personnel. Standard features include variable beam-width
and variable power level.

Art by the Author

Plaser Weapons

Plaser weapons use a pulsed laser to heat a deuterium pellet to a plasma state; the plasma is briefly contained in the ignition chamber, then allowed to escape through a
magnetic bottle generated by the weapon's barrel. Once the plasma bolt exits the muzzle, it rides the laser beam down a tunnel of heated air to its target.

Plasers are not subtle weapons; their purpose is to blow large holes in things, both living and non-living. They are the primary weapon of Star Union Marine ground-assault forces.

Pictured below is a plaser pistol of Taur manufacture.

Art by the Author

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